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[MBS] [ANN] 5.1pr3   -   Christian Schmitz

[MBS] [ANN] 5.1pr3
Date: 30.03.15 19:04 (Mon, 30 Mar 2015 20:04:54 +0200)
From: Christian Schmitz

* Marked a lot of functions to not be available on server due to FileMaker Server not performing Script calls on the server.
* Added TimeOut option for Socket.Connect.
* Tracing script calls now shows also name of current script, file, user and host if available.
* Fixed ZipFile.WriteText function. Now text is again parameter 1 and not 2.
* Added functions FM.CurrentThreadID, FM.IsMainThread and FM.MainThreadID.
* Improved copy script text button. Should not copy the list of available script steps.