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[MBS] [ANN] 5.1pr6   -   Christian Schmitz

[MBS] [ANN] 5.1pr6
Date: 23.04.15 14:56 (Thu, 23 Apr 2015 15:56:17 +0200)
From: Christian Schmitz

* Added Clipboard.GetFiles and Clipboard.SetFiles functions.
* Upgraded Xcode to version 6.3.1
* Fixed Twain.SetDuplexEnabled so you can now disable duplex.
* Added OCR.SetResolution function.
* Added parameter to Text.DecodeFromHTML to decode html entities, but leave xml entities there.
* Added function FM.NULL to get null values to pass to SQL.SetParamValue(s).
* Added parameter to XML.Query to ignore errors in parsing.
* Added SQL.GetFieldValue, SQL.GetParamValue, SQL.SetParamValue and SQL.SetParamValues.
* Added FM.SQL functions to get SQL results in native data types.
* Added SerialPort.SetDataAvailableHandler and SerialPort.ClearDataAvailableHandler functions.
* The Audit.Change function now returns an error message if the given table name is invalid.