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[MBS] [ANN] 5.2pr6 (MBS FileMakerPlugin Mailinglist archive)

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[MBS] [ANN] 5.2pr6   -   Christian Schmitz

[MBS] [ANN] 5.2pr6
Date: 10.07.15 12:52 (Fri, 10 Jul 2015 13:52:32 +0200)
From: Christian Schmitz

* Fixed bug in Text.InvalidCharactersForEncoding.
* Fixed handling of separators in Menu.DefineQuickMenu function.
* Added NetworkInterfaces.Default function.
* When using QuickMenu functions we now release any menu with same name defined before.
* Added more CURL functions.
* Added functions for serialize and deserialize for container, dictionary and lists: Container.Deserialize, Container.Serialize, Dictionary.Deserialize, Dictionary.Serialize, List.Deserialize, List.Serialize, QuickList.Deserialize and QuickList.Serialize.
* Added Notification.SendDirect function.
* Updated DynaPDF to version
* Fixed bug for Menu.SetFontSize, so that entries with custom font are not always bold and italic.
* Added Windows support for HotKey functions and a few more functions.

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