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Activate Text Drop in TeaxtField (TextArea…)
Date: 04.08.13 12:17 (Sun, 4 Aug 2013 13:17:51 +0200 (CEST))
From: emile.a.schwarz

I was surprised lately that I could not drop text into a bunch of TextFields in a new project.

Because it is not the prefered way to fill these TextFields, I do not took any importance about these.

But, I got some minutes (minutes ago) to check that and I discovered that this is certainly a new behaviour (Cocoa ?).

Question: Is this a new behavior under XOJO/Cocoa ?

Nota: Even a TEXT drag (in the same window) from a TextField dropped into another TextField is rejected.
The reverse is not rejected (a drag from a TextField to another application (say Apple’s TextEdit)); this works fine and I use it often.

BTW: I am not complaining, but I discovered the new behavior; it was new to me because I was asking myself what happening.



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