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Jeebox plugin in REALbasic? (Real Studio Plugins Mailinglist archive)

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  Jeebox plugin in REALbasic?   -   Theodore H.Smith

Jeebox plugin in REALbasic?
Date: 14.03.13 19:07 (Thu, 14 Mar 2013 18:07:43 +0000)
From: Theodore H.Smith
I'm writing Jeebox right now.

At some point, I will create a plugin for Jeebox, in REALbasic.

Anyone who thinks they need "the only language that can describe anything"... can email me, if they think they need this. Or visit my website for an idea of what I will do.

So then that's useful for someone working with ontologies, or RDF, or doing "knowledge description", "machine learning", "artificial intelligence", ... all of these things are related to Jeebox.

Also "Creating your own file format"... (who hasn't needed a file format of their own?)

Right now, I'm "Creating my own programming language" based on Jeebox. But thats a side project, Jeebox is the main thing.

There's more... But I'm just interested in who may need a Jeebox plugin, in REALbasic. Eventually I want to have Jeebox available for any language that accept native wrappers around a C library. Python, Java, etc.

Think of it like "the new next big thing". (with larger ability to change things than XML changed things.)